Local Moving

Moving can be a tedious process be it across the street or along the length and breadth of the entire country. But don’t worry as we are at your disposal for a stress free relocation process.

In our world we define a local move including both residential and commercial as the once which is confined within 50 miles of source and destination (within the same city or province or inter provincial).

We provide storage space and facilities and have a wide array of packaging material to suit your personal or professional needs.

Our chief are of concern is safeguarding the client’s best interest be it total assistance during the shipment process or providing you with each bit of information on the go. Based on the requirement of client, our services vary from very simple to complex shipping equipments and its handling. We back our claim with a decade worth of experience in facilitating relocation of families as well as businesses.

We provide tailor made solutions and service for the client’s need. The client can enjoy the choice if he/she want to self pack or choose our packing. Storage facilities are presented to you for your comfort incase you are still finalizing the last minute settlements. Your belongings are like our kids and we like to keep them safe.

The services covered under local move are

  • Dismantle and put back large appliances or other items.
  • We provide provisions for cleaning related services.
  • All the unpacking and debris removed will be taken care of.
  • Enjoy the choice of boat and auto shipments

So let us give you the advantages of utilizing our services

  • The staff is fully committed and thorough professional.
  • We are fully licensed and insured.
  • No need to worry about any of the hidden taxes.
  • Our packing material is very reasonably priced.
  • Our equipments (including our trucks) are clean and tidy.
  • The staff is ready to help you whenever you need
  • You have the option to choose the date of delivery of shipment.

We agree that every household is special in its own way and thus required personal care and dedication. We honor this virtue as we provide custom designed Personal Movement Pans keeping in mind your budgeting and scheduling preferences as you choose the best suited plan.

To ensure that customer remains the king in decision making, we offer the following packaging options

  • Fully Serviced Packaging – Sit back and relax as our team of highly skilled personnel packs your belongings it most safe and efficient manner.
  • Fragile Packaging – Worried about the safe moving of your delicate items like crockery, paintings, art items; well you need to worry as we provide fragile packing options for your items.
  • Pack it yourself – So you have enough empty boxes and want to use them for shipment of your goods, no worries we provide you with the option of packing your item yourself.

We cover the following services during our cycle of shipment.

  • Load – Each item is marked and entered into our inventory. Fragile items are given special attention during this process. Bubble wrapping of furniture items is also included to protect against accidental damage and dust.
  • Transport – No cause for alarm as a wide arsenal of trucks and trailers driven around by best trained drivers will be transporting your equipment.
  • Unload – Like the loading process, each item is checked from the inventory list as we unload them. We make it a point to place the items at their specified location. We value the look of your house and make sure not to spoil it as we used floor running machines and door stoppers to eradicate accidental disfiguration.


Apart from the above mentioned basic services we also proved the following Additional Services

  • Unpack – We are happy to unpack your belongings and place them at their demarcated places. We also dispose the packing materials.
  • Fragile Equipment Crating – Some items may be fragile and deserve special attention. A specially customized crating is made available for such items.
  • Vehicle transport (Car/Boat) – We all loves our vehicles, the spectacular metallic beasts. We know how much you value them and provide specific transport for the same.
  • Dismantle and Put Together – We proved service for dismantling and assembly of multi part items such as furniture, treadmills.
  • Third Party Services – If the customer request for special needs like the disconnecting or re connecting of equipments such as hot tubs; we provide services from third party vendors for the same.
  • Storage Facilities – We will store your belongings for 60 days in case you have not finalized your destination yet. Permanent storage can be extended beyond 60 days.

Did not find what you were expecting? Please feel free to contact us at 403-402-0478 and ask for the service you need. We will be glad to receive feedback and bet that we will provide you the services requested in no time. We have the numerous account of moving families and commercial shipments to support our claim.